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    Forensic Analytics
Collect, store,
manage and analyse
large amounts of data.

A vast amount of relevant data is stored in a large number of databases. The next step should be to make this data usable. VX Company Forensic Analytics provides solutions based on the Smart@Data analysis suite, which enable you to collect, store, manage and analyse large amounts of data. It is specifically suited for governmental institutions, municipalities and companies in fraud prevention, security and finance. Our consultants support you in the implementation of these solutions.


Social security fraud detection

People who receive social security benefits may commit fraud.  The municipality is responsible for monitoring all transactions of their clients to detect fraud in an early stage. VX Company Forensic Analytics, in cooperation with SOZA XPERT and HF Consultancy, provides a system for automated monitoring of anomalies in clients behaviour to detect fraud in an early stage.


In-depth analysis

This solution enables you to analyse  large volumes of data from a variety of sources and different technologies. It registers and maps out complex relations, and visualizes  data to explore and build knowledge or to apply knowledge in specific investigations.


About VX Company Forensic Analytics

VX Company Forensic Analytics develops, supports and implements ICT solutions for intelligent analyses and risk profiling. In addition to the Smart@Data product, we provide services for the installation and support of operational systems. We work inter alia with the National Police, Tax Authorities, Military Police, the Public Prosecution Service and several municipalities.